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Mississippi Bicentennial a time to reflect, learn and enjoy

   This issue marks the start of...

Mississippians shine when it comes to charitable giving

    Mississippians dig deeper in...

Our new name emphasizes cooperation that works for you

    Our name is changing and we have...

View a digital version of the magazine.
View a digital version of the magazine.
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General Information

The Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi presents the 2017 Legislative Roster as a tribute to Mississippi’s elected officials, who serve for the benefit of all Mississippians.


A free, interactive 2017 legislative app for Mississippi.Our easy-to-use mobile app provides information on Mississippi's state and federal elected officials. Look for "Mississippi Legislative Roster" in the Apple App Store. An Android version is also available. The app will be updated throughout the legislative session.

The popular roster is also available in these formats:
iOS and Android app images2017 Legislative Roster - online website
2017 Legislative Roster  - digital

The 2016 editions remain available.       
2016 Legislative Roster - digital
2016 Legislative Roster - .pdf